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Tiger (Panthera tigris) - occurs in Asia, in areas of India, Sumatra, China, Siberia. It is characterized by a variety of environments in which they occur, from the cold taiga after the tropical jungles. This animal is of considerable size, weighing between 180-250kg (male). Females are lighter in weight, their weight ranges from 100 to 160kg. It measures from 1.4 to 1.8 m, height at the withers ranges from 60 to 100 centimeters.

Tigers boast a beautiful fur. It is a brownish-yellow color with a characteristic for this species tabby. These stripes are black. These cats lead a reclusive life, they mate only during breeding. The female alone cares for the offspring. Pregnancy in a tiger is about a hundred days. In one litter is born an average of two young. Under natural conditions, a single female can give birth up to 5 kittens, and artificial conditions, the maximum number of litter can last up to 7 young. Newborns weigh about one kilogram. Young male kittens reach sexual maturity at age 4-5 years, young females aged 3-4 years. Some individuals reach the maximum age of about 26 years, but tigers live on average 16 to 18 years.

The Tigers have a lot of record holders. It is connected with their massive stature. The largest known Siberian tiger is a tiger-body length 2.80 m and weighing 384kg.

The strong muscles of the body that knocks a large river flow cats, which sailed the greatest distance is 29 kilometers tiger!


During the reign of the Han dynasty, people believed that the tiger is the king of all beasts. Legend says that when the tiger reaches the age of 500 years, its tail becomes white. In this case, the white tiger will become one of the types of mythical creatures. It is said that the White Tiger appears only when the Emperor of China has also prevail in the spiritual world, or if there will be peace throughout the world. Because in Chinese culture, white is associated with the West, the White Tiger was Warden of the West


The biggest predator is the jaguar of the Amazon forest. Sometimes called the American tiger is the largest American cat.

Some Indian legend says that in the depths of the forest in a place not affected by human foot is the village of tigers. The whole is built of human body parts. Skeletons huts are built of human bones, dressed in human skin.

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Piranhas are not characterized by large body size, but it looks innocent, but those occurring in South America are considered the most dangerous and bloodthirsty fish in the world. Their hunting system tells them to move in large shoals, and they attack decisively, and in a few minutes devouring the whole animal attacked, leaving only a skeleton.

In South America to this day legends circulate about how people bather were attacked by a school of piranha and who did not come out of this alive. According to one particularly gruesome history, piranha man riding on horseback, pulling both into the river, and arguing with them. After the victims were only two skeletons and clothes, practically unaffected man. Following this trail, very often in horror, for example, the villains have their bass with piranhas, in order to be able to throw his enemies there. But all the legends and fiction film, and how it really is? Well, most of these stories concern a single species, namely the red-belly piranha, which is one of the four species are considered dangerous. Generally, the stands are 18 species of piranha, all inhabit rivers of South America (Amazon, Parana, Orinoco). Hunting area is not restricted, as they hunt both in rivers and lakes, while in a particular place as long as they can find food there.


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