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Bed of nails
When you look at a bed of nails you think that it must be painful. How can people do it?
Some reporter from California, Mark Wilson tried to do it for his article. He was in a science center, in a city where he lived and there he lied in 4000 nails!

First a teacher demonstrated him an experiment with a baloon. It was very interesting.
It was impossible to put a balloon on one nail, but it was possible to put it on 400 nails because there was more support for the balloon.

Than it was Mark’s turn! He was  worry himself but when he lied on nails he found that his anxiety was unnecessary.  it was a little painful on his shoulder but he said that he was OK.

The world record holder lay in a nail ‘sandwitch’ with a 752.5 kilo weight on it.


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