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The most dangerous snakes


Fatal venom, the high rate of speed, the slithering body and the twitching forked tongue are arousing fear in people. Many snakes are measuring to a few metres and can swallow exceptional big victims what is still making them more terrifying. Venomous snakes aren't hunting for people, and are using their venom so that immobilise or kill the small animal. Only in the self-defence in the moment of threats they are biting people. Venom of some snakes is so strong that it can kill the man, if a quick help doesn't come in the form of serum.


There are many poisonous snakes in the world.


Tajpan is probably the most dangerous snake, from Australia. While one biting this snake is secreting so much venom that killing 100 persons would be enough. Fortunately we rarely come across the kind. Other dangerous snakes - black mamba - is found in Africa. And king cobra inhabiting Asia, whose bite is bringing the elephant down within three hours.


Steve McCurry is a famous photographer and photo-journalist. In 1984 he was travelling in Afganistan and Pakistan. During his journey there was a war in Afganistan and a lot of families were trying to escape to safer place that time. Steve wanted to show the tragedy of war. He was taking photos in a refugee camp when he saw a twelve-year-old girl. He was fascinated by her expression and her unusual eyes so he took her a photo.
Steve’s photo became popular very quickly and it appeared on the cover of ’National Geographic’. It’s one of the most hipnotyzing and powerful photo in the history of magazine. The girl’s beautiful green eyes are so brave and  full of power to fight for family love and freedom. The rest of her face become moving anti-war symbol and some of people who had seen this picture decided to work in Afganistan to help people there.

Steve McCurry couldn’t stop thinking about the girl. He didn’t even know her name. The only thing he knew was that she was an orphan. Steve decided to find her. He often returned to Afganistan for his work, and he always carried her photo with him.  He was hoping that someone would recognise her. Finally Steve met a men who said that he knew that girl, she was his neighbour and her name was Sharbat  Gula. After eighteen years, the photographer showed Sharbat  her photo for the first time.
Steve took one more photo of her, and the striking green eyes appeared again in ‘National Geographic’ in 2002. The magazine then started a special fund for girls and women in Afganistan. It seems that Sharbat’s photo was really something great and powerful.

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