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Pygmy marmoset

Pygmy marmoset is probably the smallest monkey in the World. It lives in rainforest in western Amazon Basin in South America, northern Bolivia, and eastern Peru. It is 12-16 cm tall and weighs only

100 grams! Pygmy monkeys are active in the day. Their fur is a mixture of gold, brown, grey and black on back and head and towny, yellow and orange on underparts. Pygmy monkeys have a long, black and white tail. It has 17-23 cm long.


Specialised claws allow the pygmy marmoset to cling to trees while feeding. This monkey has a very diversified diet: fruits, leaves, insects, larvas, invertebrates but its favourite

snack is resin. It is not only tropical animal: you can also have it in your home! In Poland there are same kennels, where you can buy Pygmy for about 3000 zloty. In captivity it lives for 16 years.

Unfortunately, it needs special care. Owner has to remember, that it isn’t a toy. Pygmy monkeys can be polite and lovely, but sometimes they are aggressive and maybe dangerous.

Luckily most of them are really marvellous and funny animals.

Paulina Łapko


In Los Rios in Ecuador, police found a sloth on the street. It wanted to cross the road but got frightened and clung to a road partition. It was looking very cute, but poor animal was terribly scared. Fortunately, now it is safe. Sloth was healthy and went back to forest. Many people was touched with this sloth’s adventure. Now the animal is a real net star.


By the way, sloths are very interesting animals. They live in rainforest, eat leaves and plants. In net there are a lot of films, photos and stories about sloths becouse they are very fascinating animals. For example: they sleep 15-20 hours per day, they have algaes and mushrooms on their fur but they are very good swimmers!


Paulina Ł.

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