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This year brought to us a lot of new productions - Polish games, such as:

      The Witcher III : Wild Hunt – an action-role playing game set in an open world environment, the last part of the trilogy about the Witcher – Geralt of Rivia – created by Andrzej Sapkowski; developed by CD Project RED, released on 19 May.

   Kholat – a survival horror game, where the protagonist is tracing the steps of a group of nine Russian college students who went missing in February 1959 on Kholat Syakhl; history based on the Dyatlov Pass incident;

developed by IMGN.PRO, relased on 9 June.

          And also foreign games, for example

        Until Dawn – an interactive drama survival horror game; few friends met on mountain (in mountain hut) where very strange things happen; designed to be played multiple times, as players cannot see all content with a single playthrough, game mechanics utilize an in-game system called the "Butterfly Effect"; developed by Supermassive Games, released on 25 August.

       SOMA – a science fiction survival horror game, which take place on PATHOS-II – an underwater remote research facility with machinery that begins to take human characteristic; developed by Frictional Games, released on 22 September.


Jola K. & Emilka F.
 class 3c


Assassin's Creed Unity is an upcoming historical action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It is set to be released in November and December 2014 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is the seventh main installment in the Assassin's Creed series.




Combat for the game was rebuilt, with fencing being used as an inspiration for the new system. In addition to returning weapons from previous games, Assassin's Creed Unity introduces the Phantom Blade. The Phantom Blade uses the mechanics of a crossbow to fire for a great distance.


The plot


The main character of the game is Arno Dorian, a native Frenchman who was born in Versailles to an Assassin father. After his father is killed, Arno is adopted, without information that his new family holds a senior position within the Templar Order, with his new father figure the Templar Grandmaster. Arno blames himself when his adoptive father is murdered, and so sets out on a quest of redemption that brings him into the Brotherhood of Assassins.




Tomek W., Krzysztof W.
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