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Adrian Zak
Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 is second part of CoH strategy video game series developed by

Relic Entertainment.

The game was released on 25th of June 2013.

As the first part of Company of Heroes, the second refers to Second World War. However,

this time the players will lead the Soviet Army

during Great Patriotic War against German Wehrmacht. Like other strategy video games,

in CoH2 we will lead different group of soldiers,

vehicles and tanks in order to attack the enemy using various types of tactics.

Single-Player company

The campaign consist of 14 different missions. The plot stars when Operation Barbarossa

begins and ends with the Siege of Berlin.

One of the best pluses about it is that every mission differs a lot from another one. We will

not only attack, but also defense in different conditions.

For instance, in 4th mission we will have to deal with hard Russian snowstorm, when

soldiers die because of freezing temperatures

and steer T-34 tanks through muddy roads which inhibits them.

The gameplay is realistic. Every soldier has only one life and is prone to enemy fire,

weather conditions and kind of ground.

Soldiers have unique uniforms and use weapons from WWII. Also they can use fire

arms such as mortars, heavy machine guns

and flamethrowers. There are also various types of tanks, including characteristic soviet

T-34, German Panther and Tiger tanks.

Every weapon is well projected and identical to real one.

The plot criticizes Red Army- it's officers who kill innocent soldiers and imperatives

which waste men's lifes.

In campaign there's shown the situation when NKVD officers shot unarmed Russians

escaping from the enemy fire.

Because of that the game was banned in Russia. It's another con of the game because

it shows the truth- not the popular propaganda which appears in nearly every WWII game.


Company of Heroes 2 also consists multiplayer. It's possible to play 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 and 4vs4.

Players can choose Soviets,

Wehrmacht, Americans, British Forces or Oberkommando West troops( to play UK, USA

and OKW you have to buy the DLCs).

It's only one type of game, which depends on intercepting the special points on the

map and keeping them.

Multiplayer is also interesting and satisfying.

Physics and graphics

Unfortunately, physics is one of the minuses of the game. After explosions and hits heavy objects

fly like paper cards

and disappear. Soldiers can penetrate each other - it's only part of physic engine problems. Luckily,

during my gameplay

that things didn't make any serious problem and I still had a lot of fun. Graphics are really good

and colours

of the environment are fine. However, the short films scenes in campaign could be made with

better figures' models.


Coh 2 has one of the best game soundtracks. Songs render the perfect the climate of WWII.

Best ones are :

"March into hell", "Stand, Raise Up!" and Main Theme


Personally, I recognize Company of Heroes 2 as the best strategy game that I've ever played.

Game has brilliant single-player campaign, multiplayer, its graphics and audio.

My mark: 9/10

Krzysztof B.




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