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Path of Exile

The Path of Exile (PoE) is a MMORPG, Hack ‘n Slash genre game. You log in and… create a character. I bet you didn’t saw that coming, did you? ~ Krzysztof W. (+ Kajetan W.)


            Path Of Exile is a game about world after big natural tragedy. On earth are now monsters and creatures which tries to kill all people. They live on big empty fields, which are only things which stayed after big metropolises. During all game here are 3 acts, but in next 10 years it will grow.

            In every location are items to collect and quests and misions to do. But the last one you can gain only in towns. There is one town for one act. The first one (and the most popular btw.) is called Lioneye's Watch. Here are 3 non player charakters (NPC)     -Healer



This is the most sociable place in this game. I think that's all about plot.

~ Kajetan Ic


Character creation

If you read my previous review, you can say, that I love character creating in those kind of games. Well, I was pretty disappointed in PoE. When you log into the game you must create a new character, new champion, new chosen one, new adventurer, new… whatever. You can choose between three classes that specializes in one of three passive abilities (Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence). There are also four hybrid classes (Strength/Dexterity, Strength/Intelligence, Dexterity/Intelligence and the one with all of them). After selecting class, now it’s time for customizing your character!... I would say that if one could actually do that. You can only play as a typical, boring character. That’s why I was disappointed… ~ Krzysztof W.

Game style

Path of Exile is RPG – hack'n'slash. With your own hero you hack and slash enemies and collect items. Items belong to your's type of hero. It's same type of game as "Diablo" (No, not Diablo Włodarczyk, only "Diablo"). I'm sure you know what "Diablo" is. But here is one diffrent: Path of Exile is free to play. The only one disadvantage is time of download. I had to wait 22 hours before i launch it. After that i had to wait 3 hours od update. But trust me – it's worth! ~ Kajetan W.


Fighting System

As you probably noticed, you can move by using your mouse. You can also attack enemies by using your mouse. Mind blown? Anyway, normal attacks do normal damage, but I think that you already know that. There are lots of weapons – swords, maces, daggers, staffs etc. And the best thing is that you can dual-wield weapons (except bows)! That’s about normal attacks. Let’s talk about active abilities. You don’t learn spells by leveling your character. Skills are located in crystals, which you can get by doing quests. There are three types of abilities depending on your character’s class. After you earn your precious gem, you can place it into a slot. Every weapon and armor has it’s own slot. Those skills allow you to, for example, shoot a giant ice arrow, resurrect up to three of your enemies to aid you in battle, or just smash someone really hard. ~ Krzysztof W.

In my opinion this game is interesting and addictive. One day i started to play it at 9 am and when I looked at watch again it was 12 am! Gamers need games like that. Similar to the original ones but free to play. You must not pay two hundred for similar game. Here is our summary:




-nice gameplay

-good plot

-skill tree

-Spells belongs to Crystals



-Long time of download

-Character creator with not so many options


That's all. Hope you guys enjoyed it. ~ Kajetan Ic (+ Krzysztof W. Ic)

Tera Online

Tera Online (a.k.a. Tera: Rising) is a MMORPG genre game. Tera takes place at the continents of... Tera. Didn’t expect that, huh? Your character needs to stop evil syntetic-like race from another dimension that wants to destroy everything. What a plot twist.

Character creation

I’ll be honest, most of my time spent in Tera was in character creation menu. So. Many. Options. You can choose between seven races (Human, Castanic, Aman, High Elf, Popori, Elin and Baraka) and eight classes (Warrior, Slayer, Berserker, Archer, Lancer, Sorcerer, Priest and Mystic). Every race has it’s own looks, it’s unical animations, armours. And they depend on what class you took. That is why it’s so fun! And don’t forget about customizing your characters face and body.

Fighting system and abilities

After you hit level 10, you’ll slowly notice that enemies became stronger and you can’t just smash your left mouse button to win every battle. That’s where skills and abilities came in. After gaining some levels, you can train your character in using those skills by spending money (skills are very cheap) in Tactic/Magic Instructors that are placed all around the world. After using some skills you can notice, that you can do some fancy combos to literally melt your enemies faces!... Or you’ll just die in style…

Team playing

If you want to play solo through game, I wish you good luck. Game’s getting harder and harder after every new location. If you encounter a big, red, armed with two even bigger swords, monster there’s two options: fight it, or run away, they’re not attacking you if not provoked. First option? About 20% that you’ll win (well, it depends on your skills, but it’s still very difficult) and 80% that you’ll die in horrible ways. I only killed two of those big-red monstrosities and about four other, big blue demons, which are very slow, when soloing. I died even more. Oh, and don’t whink that you can run in circles around them and hit them from a distance, or in back (well, that works perfectly on those blue ones) because almost every one of those epic enemies have devastating ranged attack. Okay, let’s talk more about parties and guilds, shall we? You can have up to five players, including you, in a single party. You can team up with other ones to do massive raids! But guilds are funniest. To create a guild, you need to hit level eight and pay the right person (there’s no need to be rich! You just need to forgot about food), oh, and also you need at least one person in your paty. He/she will join your guild afterwards. As a guild-master you can name your guild and select it’s emblem. Of course, you can fight with other guilds in a war, help other ones in their wars etc.

Quick note about roles in parties

Warrior, Archer - DPS (Damage-Per-Second), you need to carefully hit your enemies, but don’t let THEM hit YOU! You’re very squishy.

Lancer, Slayer, Berserker – Tank (tons of health), you need to take damage from enemies to let your comrades kill them safely.

Sorcerer – just… Stay back and hit enemies hard from a distance… That’s all…

Priest, Mystic – Healer, I don’t think that I need to talk more… Mystic can also summon some pets to help in battle.

Final words

Tera Online is one of my favourite MMO’s that I’ve ever played. Beautiful scenery, intense fighting system and team-playing, makes this game almost a masterpiece. Why almost? Because when you kill ten beasts, or harvest five plants for three times in a row to complete an optional mission, you may end being completely bored.

Krzysztof W.

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