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Warfame is a free-to-play, Science-Fiction, action, shooter etc. etc. game. It’s set in our Solar system. You are a “Tenno”, a person who can use special body suit, which is called Warframe by the way, that allows you to enhance your abilities. And that’s really cool. And by cool I mean REALLY cool.


Super-advanced race called Orokin invaded our system. They shared their technology with us, and thus began “The Gold Age of Earth”. But then there was a technocyte plague. Infected ones were turned into some kind of twisted zombies. Also, after that, Orokin started a war with us. We used their Warframes against them and won. Those who used those suits were called Tenno. They were masters of all weaponry, from swords to big rifles. Also, their acrobatic skills were unmatched. Best thing is, that they could even use energy to use some fancy kind-of-futuristic magic. But some of the Tenno stayed in the Orokin ships. And those ships travelled to other dimension. Tenno’s mission is to make Solar system calm. So, they hibernated. And now, about one thousand years later, you awake again.


Running across the walls, jumping and smashing into the ground, making an explosion, killing a bunch of enemies. Yup, that’s one of the best games I’ve played. After completing the tutorial you can choose between three Warframes: Loki – the true trickster, but has no offensive abilities, Excalibur – the most balanced one for new players, and Mag – she has an ability that allows you to crush about twenty opponents at once, no need to talk more. But you can always restart your account once (you need to pay if you want multiple restarts) if you are not pleased. Also, through killing bosses, you can collect the blueprints for other Warframes.


You can level your weapon and Warframe up to level thirty. Through the game you find “mods”. These mods can be placed into the weapon or your fancy suit. But every mod has its cost. For example, if your weapon has level ten, you can place two mods that cost five points etc. But, there is also your Rank, which increases when you level up your equipment.


You have three weapons: melee, secondary and primary. You start with Skana – some kind of katana (those rhymes), Lato – semi-automatic pistol and Braton – automatic assault rifle. You can buy, or craft new weapons. There are also those fancy abilities of yours. Every Warframe has its own abilities. And there are three nations that you fight against: Grineer – bandits, that can clone themselves, Corpus – organisation that is building a lot of robots to sell them. Also, they cut Tennos alive to also sell them. And there is this Technocyte Infestation – in early game they are really annoying and hard to kill.


There is a LOT, really lot to tell about this game. It’s just amazing. Of all MMO’s that I’ve played, I spent most of time playing Warframe. The creators are really creative and they add many things to the game, so I can’t just get bored. In my opinion, Warframe is the best futuristic ninja shooter ever made.

~Krzysztof Wilk

Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls Online is MMORPG game from ES Universe. Now it's beta, but normaly it will be game, that you have buy for example for one month ant than you will have to pay again.

It has beutyful graphic and super plot. It's mix of all ES games from Arena to Oblivion. There are many diferent items starting with simply swords and ending with big, funny and strong wand.

People there are friendly and open so you can make some new friendships. Game is developed and funny. It's recommendable

So if you like games like Metin2 etc. you will enjoy it!


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