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The worst video games

Hello everyone! Welcome to our list of top 10 worst video games of all time based on our opinions.

So let’s get right into it!

1. Alone in the dark Illumination

This horrible game was released in 2015 and it was a new statement to a very popular horror game franchise

“Alone in the dark”.

The first game in the series was sent out to a public in 1992, and it was very successful, the climate,

feeling of loneliness etc…

The brand new Alone in the dark Illumination is total trash. The game is very buggy*, graphics look worse

than the original game,

the dark climate was took and replaced with a modern First Person Shooter style. The gameplay is reppatible,

and very boring.

I do not recommend to play it, even if you like the whole franchise.

2. Animal crossing amiibo festival

This game was another statement for very popular video game series made by Nintendo. The original

was very fun to play.

You played as a major of a city inhabited by human-speaking animals. This game was completely different.

To play it you need a copy of game and “amiibo” figurine, that cost 10$, less than the actual game.

The gameplay was very boring,

all you need to do is to place the figurine on the gamepad, the rest happens by itself. This is a perfect

example of bad

sequel to a very popular franchise.


3. The order 1886

This game wasn’t actually that bad. The graphics look nice and… i think that is the only good thing, that

I can say about that game.

Oh, and the climate of Steam Punk London is amazing. The game was released in 2014 exclusively on

Play Station 4.

The history was lineral. Character development wasn’t even there. The game was also very buggy* and that’s

pretty much it

what destroyed this overhyped* game.

4. Rambo the Videogame

Oh my god, where to begin? So first of all, who got the idea to make a video game based on Rambo the movie.

Guess who?

HE POLISH DEVELOPERS! Ok, so graphics are bad, you can’t even move in that game. Rambo moves

by himself.

Not much to talk about it, just avoid this production.

5. Call of duty ghosts

One of the very popular series, made by Activision. In general, graphics are ok, story could have better ending,


is also nice, but two years ago it’s release has Battlefield 4. C.O.D.:ghosts was a copy of it. In brief, it’s

unnecessary game

made for money, but in fact, they not earned too much.


6. Sonic 2006

Now, Sonic franchise is pretty much dying, for real. And everything started from this monstrocity. The game

was unfinished,

very bugged, graphics were awful. Gameplay is very boring, there is no story, no charcter development. I don’t

know what else

should i say about it. I think i explained why this production was total trash.

7. Tony Hawk pro skater 5

Next and the last game about tony hawk is like others. Buggy, with no story and no sense. You are “pro” skater,


sometimes flies over the map (because of many imperfections) and sometimes is glued to floor (the exception is

when he arrives on a ramp). Summarizing, very boring and ugly game.

8. Pacman atari 2600

Everyone knows this “beautiful” game. Pacman never was very interesting and lovely, but this version….

It’s a discomfiture and misunderstanding! Famous dots are now rectangles, pacman is a conglomerate

of pixels,

ghosts are relatively ok, the walls were

crooked. That was the worst pacman ever made.


9. E.T video game

Ladies and Gentleman! I present to you, the game, the myth, the legend! E.T the video game. It’s official relase

was in 1989.

It sell very good at the beginning. But, there was still 2.500.000 copies instock. Accually Atari made more copies

of the game

then the nuber of sold copies. The rest of the unsold copies were burned down and they made a fake mountain

out of them

in New Mexico. Total failure.

10. No man’s sky

It was one of the most awaited games for last two years. Officially, the game was released in 2016. It looks


but if you play for 4 hours or more, it’s really boring. Developers hurried with premiere and they didn’t complete

it for 100%.

The most serious trouble was disastrous port** from consoles to computers. In the first day over 1 000 000 copies

were sold,

but in a third day, most of the players wanted refund. In 2th of September there was a patch, which fixed bad port,

but boring universe remained.

to another (eg. from consoles to PC)

*buggy is a term when we describe a game with a lot of errors, or when we can exploit the game

**a port is when a game was made on one platform and then converted


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