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Hi there! Hope that you enjoyed my last interview with Mr. Ryszard! This month I decided to interview Mrs. Danuta Ławecka – our English teacher.


R. – What was your first thought about our school?

D.Ł. – Well, I thought you’re very disciplined, polite, kind. You always say ‘Good morning’. And what shocked me is that you actually learn during breaks, which is something different from what I saw in my previous school.

R. – And how do you perceive us now?

D.Ł. – I can see that you are just normal, typical teenagers. With your own personal problems or sometimes weird behavior.

R. – Are our students interested in your subject?

D.Ł. – Yes! Actually I was very surprised that you were so interested in my School English Club. I had to make two groups, because of too many volunteers. It was a really nice surprise, I haven’t expected that you are going to be so eager to learn! It was a very nice feeling.

R. – If you could be one animal, what would that be?

D.Ł. – Oh dear… It probably would be a cat. Cats are really adorable, you may hug them, talk to them, because they are really good listeners. And they don’t smell like dogs! It could be a tiger or little tabby kitty. But surely not the ginger one! J

R. – What is the most beautiful or interesting place you’ve ever been to?

D.Ł. – I don’t know. I think that I haven’t been to that place yet. I adored my stay in Croatia, it is a really beautiful place. I would like to go back there.

R. – What dead, popular person would you like to meet?

D.Ł. – I think that none. I’m afraid that I would say something stupid or I wouldn’t say anything! I wanted to go on Sting’s concert, and you know - meet him, but unfortunately all the tickets are sold out, so my dream can’t come true!

R. – What was your favorite book in childhood?

D.Ł. – I didn’t have favorite one actually. I was reading a lot, stealing my sister’s books. I still love reading, and it’s the reason of my problems with eyes.

R. – Do you think media has got a big influence on our lives?

D.Ł. – Giant! From little thing they may make enormous problem. It can really make you upset.

R. – And the last question – what was first - egg or hen?

D.Ł. – Tricky question! In my opinion – egg!

R. – Thanks for the conversation. It was nice to talk to you.


Janitor of our school
Hi there! Hope you enjoyed my last interview. This month I decided that I’ll interview somebody, who doesn’t really teach us. But he’s got a giant influence for our life. This person is Mr Ryszard – our janitor.

R. – So, can you tell me how long you’ve been working here?
MR. – Well, it’s been 2 years already!
R. – Do you feel satisfaction from the job you do?
MR. – Of course! I really do!
R. – What do you think about students’ behaviour?
MR. – It’s very good! I really like your way of being!
R. – Is there anything we can do to help you?
MR. – Hmm… It’s difficult to say. You gave me a really hard question!
R. – What would you change in our school, if you could?
MR. – There are lot of things like that! But… I’m not going to say exactly.
R. – What do you do in you free time?
MR. – I work on my allotment.
R. – And what music do you listen to?
MR. – Well… to mine! I mean the ones that were popular in times of my youth!
R. – And what has changed in this 2 years you’re here?
MR. – Hmm… I think not much ?
R. – And the last question, what was first – Egg or hen?
MR.- Ohh, egg probably!
R. – Thank you a lot!
MR. – Thank you, I enjoyed that!


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