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Famous people and hobbies

Each of us has his own hobby. But we don't conjecture that celebrities have them too. Now we are going to show you a few of them.



The one-time “Worst Man on the Planet” has a soft spot for racing pigeons. Tyson has been raising birds since he was eight and has several champions. He says: “It’s like training for a fight. You have to prepare it every morning for the 20 or 70-mile flight.”


The Oscar-winning actor has more than 200 vintage portable ­typewriters, almost all of which are in perfect working order. He is such an aficionado that he can tell the “thick, thick, thick” sound of a 30s Remington ­typewriter from the “chalk, chalk, chalk” of a mid-century Royal. Tom says: “Close your eyes and you touch-type and you are a blacksmith shaping sentences hot out of the forge of your mind.”


The German model may have made millions from her looks, but her real passion is for insects ugly enough to give most people the shivers. Claudia has been fascinated by insects since she was first enchanted by dew droplets ­sparkling on spider webs when she was a child and now has mounted insects and paintings of creepy crawlies dotted around her home.



Angelina Jolie is a known knife collector, and it looks like she intends to pass this trait on to her children; in November, Angelina Jolie has already purchased her son Maddox his first knife. We can’t help wondering if it was one of the knives featured in this cluster.

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Modified bodies

They modified their bodies!

There are some people wanted to be different so they change their appearance. They tattooed and earmarked many part of bodies.

Do you want to know them?

Tom Leppard (leopard man)           


He lives on the Skye island alone. He’s 67 years old. He tattooed 99% of the body the model leopard skin pattern.

Etienne Dumont 


He is a famous critic and he write to newspaper “Genewie”. He looks like coverd the most brithness tattoes.

Now is Erick Sprague (Lizardman)

He is the first man who cut his tongue to two parts. He looks like a real lizard.

Elaine Davidson 


She has 2500 earings on her body and it weighs 3 pounds. She is the most earmark person in the world.

Dennis Avner

He wants to be like a tiger and all of his All of the surgeries took him 20 years he modified: lips, nose, cheeks, ears and teeth.


Written by Lukas&Ignacy

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