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Modified bodies

They modified their bodies!

There are some people wanted to be different so they change their appearance. They tattooed and earmarked many part of bodies.

Do you want to know them?

Tom Leppard (leopard man)           


He lives on the Skye island alone. He’s 67 years old. He tattooed 99% of the body the model leopard skin pattern.

Etienne Dumont 


He is a famous critic and he write to newspaper “Genewie”. He looks like coverd the most brithness tattoes.

Now is Erick Sprague (Lizardman)

He is the first man who cut his tongue to two parts. He looks like a real lizard.

Elaine Davidson 


She has 2500 earings on her body and it weighs 3 pounds. She is the most earmark person in the world.

Dennis Avner

He wants to be like a tiger and all of his All of the surgeries took him 20 years he modified: lips, nose, cheeks, ears and teeth.


Written by Lukas&Ignacy

English teacher

Hi there! Hope that you enjoyed my last interview with Mr. Ryszard! This month I decided to interview Mrs. Danuta Ławecka – our English teacher.


R. – What was your first thought about our school?

D.Ł. – Well, I thought you’re very disciplined, polite, kind. You always say ‘Good morning’. And what shocked me is that you actually learn during breaks, which is something different from what I saw in my previous school.

R. – And how do you perceive us now?

D.Ł. – I can see that you are just normal, typical teenagers. With your own personal problems or sometimes weird behavior.

R. – Are our students interested in your subject?

D.Ł. – Yes! Actually I was very surprised that you were so interested in my School English Club. I had to make two groups, because of too many volunteers. It was a really nice surprise, I haven’t expected that you are going to be so eager to learn! It was a very nice feeling.

R. – If you could be one animal, what would that be?

D.Ł. – Oh dear… It probably would be a cat. Cats are really adorable, you may hug them, talk to them, because they are really good listeners. And they don’t smell like dogs! It could be a tiger or little tabby kitty. But surely not the ginger one! J

R. – What is the most beautiful or interesting place you’ve ever been to?

D.Ł. – I don’t know. I think that I haven’t been to that place yet. I adored my stay in Croatia, it is a really beautiful place. I would like to go back there.

R. – What dead, popular person would you like to meet?

D.Ł. – I think that none. I’m afraid that I would say something stupid or I wouldn’t say anything! I wanted to go on Sting’s concert, and you know - meet him, but unfortunately all the tickets are sold out, so my dream can’t come true!

R. – What was your favorite book in childhood?

D.Ł. – I didn’t have favorite one actually. I was reading a lot, stealing my sister’s books. I still love reading, and it’s the reason of my problems with eyes.

R. – Do you think media has got a big influence on our lives?

D.Ł. – Giant! From little thing they may make enormous problem. It can really make you upset.

R. – And the last question – what was first - egg or hen?

D.Ł. – Tricky question! In my opinion – egg!

R. – Thanks for the conversation. It was nice to talk to you.


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