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Interview with Mrs. Ewa Macijewicz – our art teacher


Hi there, I hope you’ve enjoyed my last interview. I’m sorry you had to wait for such a long time, but it was very difficult to catch our teacher even for a little while. But I did it! I hope you’ll like it!

R. –So what do you think about our school?
EM.-My thoughts are very positive, school is really nice and so are the students.
R. – Are our students art-talented?
EM. – I think they are. Of course not all of them, but I can see lots of talented people in here.
R. – What is the border between art and kitsch?
EM. – It’s giant! I’ll say like this. In schools there are photographers, who make photos of students. Some of photographs are so beautiful, but some of them are just awful! You have to be very careful with your art, from something you want it to be amazing you can make terrible thing.
R. – What is your favourite colour?
EM. – Well, turquoise. Colours of sea mostly.
R. – What’s your favourite epoch in art?
EM.  – I would say, that it’s Greek art.
R. – Who is your favourite artist?
EM. – I really like Picasso or Salvador Dali, they’re my favourites.
R. – What is the most beautiful painting you’ve seen?
EM. – Ohh, it’s a very difficult question. I don’t have answer for it! I enjoy Salvador Dali’s works.
R. – What music do you listen to?
EM. – Now, baby music ? My daughter makes me to listen to it!
R. – What’s the last book you’ve read?
EM. – Books of Beata Pawlikowska. She’s a  Polish traveller.
R. – What was first – egg or hen?
EM. – Oh dear… I think that hen!
Priest Marcin

Hi  there! This year I’m going to post interviews with our teachers and other interesting people. My first guest is our priest Marcin. He was a bit stressed, but gave me very good ( I think) answers so there you go, my first interview, hope you like it!



Reporter – So what are your first opinion about our school, priest?
Priest – Very good. Pupils are likeable.
R. – Can you tell me about your most interesting trip abroad?
P. – Probably Mass with John Paul II. It was very spiritual experience.
R. – Have you ever met with any unusual student behaviour?
P. – While I was learning in technical secondary school I had lots of weird behaviour, but it’ll be better if I don’t speak about it ?
R.- Can you tell me if there are any difficult questions for priests?
P.- Of course! There are a lot of those questions.
R.- What do you think about popularizing religion, which is taken up by Szymon Hołownia?
P.- I do not agree with it in 100%. I do not agree with Mr. Hołownia’s opinions. My model is Priest Blachnicki.
R.- What is the best book, you’ve read last time?
P.- Well… ‘Left to tell’ by Immaculee Ilibagiza I guess, I recommend it!
R.- The last thing that surprised me was…
P.- Behaviour of some pupils.
R.- What do you think about superstitions?
P. I don’t believe in it. I think it is a poison for our minds that satan sends.
R.- What music do you listen to?
P.- Religion and classical, my favourite radios are RMF Classic and 1.
R.- How do you spend your free time?
P.- Actively! I do a lot of sports!
R.- Do you have favourite quotation?
P.- ‘quidquid agis, prudenter agas et respice finem’ it is in Latin. It means ‘whatever you do, do it carefully and foresee the effects’.
R. – What you like more? Year in Poland or a year abroad?
P.- I think abroad in Italian mountains or Alps in Switzerland.
R.- Ok. And the last question. What was first - egg or hen? ?
P.- God made living creatures at the beginning so probably first was a hen.



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