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Hi  there! This year I’m going to post interviews with our teachers and other interesting people. My first guest is our priest Marcin. He was a bit stressed, but gave me very good ( I think) answers so there you go, my first interview, hope you like it!



Reporter – So what are your first opinion about our school, priest?
Priest – Very good. Pupils are likeable.
R. – Can you tell me about your most interesting trip abroad?
P. – Probably Mass with John Paul II. It was very spiritual experience.
R. – Have you ever met with any unusual student behaviour?
P. – While I was learning in technical secondary school I had lots of weird behaviour, but it’ll be better if I don’t speak about it ?
R.- Can you tell me if there are any difficult questions for priests?
P.- Of course! There are a lot of those questions.
R.- What do you think about popularizing religion, which is taken up by Szymon Hołownia?
P.- I do not agree with it in 100%. I do not agree with Mr. Hołownia’s opinions. My model is Priest Blachnicki.
R.- What is the best book, you’ve read last time?
P.- Well… ‘Left to tell’ by Immaculee Ilibagiza I guess, I recommend it!
R.- The last thing that surprised me was…
P.- Behaviour of some pupils.
R.- What do you think about superstitions?
P. I don’t believe in it. I think it is a poison for our minds that satan sends.
R.- What music do you listen to?
P.- Religion and classical, my favourite radios are RMF Classic and 1.
R.- How do you spend your free time?
P.- Actively! I do a lot of sports!
R.- Do you have favourite quotation?
P.- ‘quidquid agis, prudenter agas et respice finem’ it is in Latin. It means ‘whatever you do, do it carefully and foresee the effects’.
R. – What you like more? Year in Poland or a year abroad?
P.- I think abroad in Italian mountains or Alps in Switzerland.
R.- Ok. And the last question. What was first - egg or hen? ?
P.- God made living creatures at the beginning so probably first was a hen.



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