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Equestrianism (horseriding) is a very popular hobby. This broad description includes the use of horses for practical working purposes,

transportation, recreational activities, artistic or cultural exercises and competitive sport.

History of horse use

There is controversy over the exact date horses were domesticated. Indirect evidence suggests that

horses were ridden long before they were driven. There is some evidence that about 3000 BC near the Dnieper River,

people were using bits on horses s; a stallion that was buried there shows teeth were consistent with using a bit.

In ancient Times chariot warfare was followed by the use of war horses as light and heavy cavalry.

The horse played an important role throughout human history all over the world, both in war and in peaceful

pursuits such as transportation, trade and agriculture. Horses lived in North America,

but died out at the end of the Ice Age. Horses were brought to North America by European explorers,

beginning with the second voyage of Columbus in 1493.

Horse racing

Humans appeared to have long expressed a desire to know which horse

was the fastest and horse racing has ancient roots.

Gambling on horse races appears to go hand-in hand with racing.

Example types of horse racing:

- Steeple chasing

- Ride and tie

- Endurance riding

Karolina Dabrowska


Slacklining became popular because of It's widespread availability. Just a bit of space, two trees, or places where you can hook the rope and You can start training. It seems very easy, but if a rope is hanging over the abyss then is pure madness. The name of the sport comes from the words slackline.

We have several types of slacklining, one of them is TRICKLINING / LOWLINING. In this case, the tape is not stretched high. It is the height of the hips. It is not crazy and extreme but it is safe. This sport requires a lot of concentration. Focus on maintaining a balance relaxes and reduces stress. On this line you can also do many other interesting things like eg. Invent new tricks or practice yoga.

Slacklining had its beginning in California, when two climbers Adam Grosowsky and Jeff Ellington began to walk on the stretched ropes and chains in the parking lot. Others liked it and is now becoming increasingly popular. He walked over the Grand Canyon Enshi in Hubei province of China in two minutes at a height of 1800 m above sea level.

Ola Rzeszotka, Julka Kulbaczewska

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