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How to start with postcrossing

Today I’ll  tell  you an example how  to start writing a postcard.
Of course remember: everybody can write in their profile what  they want to read on your postcard and what kind of postcard they want to get from you.
In profile you can read about user, his hobbies, family, work. This is an example of profile on

My name is Esa, a male almost 60 and married, wife and three children.
When I was younger, I had a chance to travell a lot all around the world.
Now I am collecting all kind of angels, fairies and mermaids.
I like all kind of sports, especially figure-skating.
Also I like music, art and wild nature.
I am thankfull for every card I get, but especially I wish;
- Angels, fairies and mermaids
- Figure-skaters
- Beautifull women (Nicole Kidman) and girls
- Tigers and cats
- Sea and ships
- Sports all kind
- Asterix and Obelix

(Yes, yes… It’s Esa’s profile! Our friend from cold and snowy Finland! Greetings for you, Esa ? )
Like you see everybody has favourite kinds of postcards, but believe me: if you will send something different to a user he will be not angry! Every posctrossing’s user is happy every time when he finds postcard in his mailbox, so don’t worry if you can’t find poscard with  for example: colorful cars in our shops or something! You should send what you like ?

Hello everyone !
It’s my second articule about postcrossing for you. Today you can read about recived postcard from all the world. I’ll present to you 3 of my favourite postcards and I’ll tell about them.

This postcard I received from Julia. She lives in Praga in Czech Republic.
“Dear Ania!
This is my favourite postcard of people- I really like the expression of the kids faces. I always wanted to study photography but then I decided to study german – cause I wanted to study something easy. I think it was right decision.
It’s a shame but I’ve never been in Poland! I hope one day I will travel to your interesting country. Pozdrav z Prahy= greetings from Prague”

It’s postcard from Tatsiana. She’s from Belarus.
“Hi, Ania!
My name is Tatsiana, I live in Belarus, not big town in Belarus. I;m 29 years old. I live with my parents, dog and guinea-pig ? Nyasviźh, which you can see in this card- one of the oldest towns in Belarus.
All the best !”

This postcard i recived from Esa. He lives in Vihti in Finland.
„Hello Anna!
Greetings from Finland sends one quite old man. Here you can see one tradition from my country, I think these boys would like you with them. Everything good in future to you Anna !
This postcard form Esa is one of my favourite. When I saw this postcard I couldn’t stop smiling. I showed this to my Mom and she told: “ It looks like men's sense of humour” and we started laughing. And I can tell you, Esa is reading our website ! Greetings for YOU Esa!
It’s all for tonight. Next time I will write about sending postcards.
Hope you like it,

Anna N.
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