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Hello everyone !

Wow, I don’t really remember when I wrote my last article. Never mind. I wont’t change the subject. This year I’m writing about postcrossing too. Hope you are okey with that ;)

So...Last article was about how to write and send your postcard. And you sent your postcard. Great ! Few days and you will get your postcard ! What you should do when you receive it? If you remember, every postcard has uniqe ID number. Find this ID on your postcard. Log in on on your profile and choose option (on left, on blue) ‘register a postcard’ and write your ID; for example “US-1234”. Be nice and write few kind words to the person who sent you a postcard and put ‘register postcard’ under short message. Wait a second and you’ll see how long and how many kilometers your postcard travelled. It’s cool! Imagine: one postcard, especially for you travelled for example 9271 km!

I’ve been postcrossing user for almost 660 days. I sent 127 postcards and received 126. But it’s not all. Thanks to postrcrossing I’ve known very interesting persons. I have friends around the world: Cecily from Japan, Ruby from Taiwan, Hermelio from Brazil, Esa from Finland, Silvia from Brazil and Matthew from England. We exchange postcards regularly. We talk about our cases and others stuff. I think it is very exciting. And interesting!

How about you? Maybe you will have some new friends? If you don’t know how to start:

You have already got address and ID to write a new postcard. And up or under (I don’t remember) there is an info about person you are writing. And there will be information ‘DIRECTS SWAPS’yes/no. If somebody has ‘yes’ try and write on the postcard proposition about direct swaps ;) remember, you can always try J

What more today? I don’t know. Think about direct swaps, it is really cool. Maybe in the future you will visit your friends?? You know, place for free, food for free with a person you know, and she/he/they can show you their country, tell legends and others stuff. It’s a great opportunity to see the whole world !

My profile on

You can see here postcards I have sent and received, my stats, postcard map etc.

Hope you like,


Anna N.


Hello everyone!


In the last article I told you how can you start writing your postcard. Today I’ll tell you what’s next.
So if you wrote your postcard with ID number and everything what you wanted to write and postcard is beautiful, you gonna think :
OK, I wrote postcard with ID number and everything what I wanted to write and postcard is beautiful and scented. But… what’s next?
That’s good question! So the last step in sending is POST. Yeah, you have to buy stamps!
In Europe (fortunately not in Poland) you can buy “electronic” ( I think they’re unfeeling. Black-white, boring and printed by automatic machine in post… :/ )
And traditional (colourful, detailed, unique and with SOUL!).  In every country  traditional post stamps are special and great. I’ve got  47 postcards and my favourite stamps are from: Japan, Finland, Netherlands, Belarus, USA and Brazil. Polish stamps are pretty, too!
But you have to remember: every continent has different price! It’s very important !
There are prices of stamps in Poland:

A- 2,40 zł ---- 3,00 zł
B- 2,50 zł ---- 3,20 zł
C- 2,50 zł ---- 3,50 zł
D- 2,50 zł ---- 4,50 zł

A-    All Europe (with All Russia, Cyprus and Israel)
B-    Africa, Nothern America
C-    Asia, Southern and Middle America
D-    Australia and Oceania

Like you see I marked two colours. Why?
Green it’s letter ECONOMIC
Blue it’s letter PRIORITY.
You can ask: What’s the difference?
So I can answer you: HUGE!
Personally I send economic postcards just when I send this postcard to some countries and JUST IN EUROPE! And just to: Germany and Netherlands.
WHY? If you send postcards there is always a chance to lose your postcard. Yes, it’s discouraging.
So if I not send postcard to Netherlands or Germany I always send priority postcard. At the beginning I sent gorgeous glittery postcard to China. And I sent it as economic. And for almost 300 days this postcard has had a status EXPIRED. It’s lost. So if you are afraid of losing your postcard pay little more. That’s just 60 groszy or something like this ?
But please, don’t tune up bad. I have sent 51 postcards and expired postcards are just 4.



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