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People have diffrent hobbies.Some people collect stamps but some people like dangerous sports.This people must be brave,clever and adventorous.We want to show you 3 exlamples of extreme sports.

This was an extreme sport,but now everyone is doing it even parents! 15% of all snowboarders are over 40 and there are 12 milion snowboarders all over the world.In many ski resorts,there are more snowboarders than skiers.It's no easy but no so dangerous sport.So when somebody can it very  he don't must afraid.In a beginning important is only have a teacher.

Speed skiing
This is very dangerous sport,because speed skiers must never ride slowly.They go to the tops of mountains and find  a very steep vertical slope (ex.frozen waterfall) and they ski down for about 3 km at speed of 250km/h.They have to wear thin skis,special helmet and a rubber suit.Why the rubber suit?Skiers go fast and sometimes break an arm or a leg ,but speed skiers go even faster and it they fall,they bodies can burn,when they rub along the snow,rocks and ice!

Sky surfing
Sky surfers is combination of surfing,flying,speed and heights.They have to jump out of plane and tricks on a surf board.Another person jump with him and films them on video.This is the only sport where judges are not with the poeople who doing the sport.They watch the videos and decide which sky surfer was the best.

Marta, Ala

Painting on the sand

Kseniya Simonowa

In 2009,she won the ukraine edition of "Got talent".Her talent is painting on the sand. It's not simple. She makes beautiful pictures. They reflect  wonderful stories about life. One day her video from the show was viewed more than million times. In one year, it was viewed over 25 million times. Her perfomences are accompanied by well-choosen music and great sound effects.She studied in the School of Fine Arts. She is an artist :)

Lee Kuy-Hak

Korean artist Kyu-Hak creates iconic works by wrapping bits of newspaper and magazines around pieces of Styrofoam to create stunning mixed-media mosaics . He creates beautiful pictures. He can do something out of nothing.He can develop its imagination.


All you will need is a good knife, a few toothpicks, some fresh fruit, and your imagination. Carving is a art of carving fruits or vagetables.The aim of carving is make food more attractive and appetizing.Is very popular in Asian countries.Masters in this field are Thais.

Ala, Marta

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