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Dessert with strawberries, mascarpone cheese and biscuits


·         strawberries
·         250 grams of mascarpone cheese
·         250 grams of a 30% cream (chilled in the fridge)
·         2-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar
·         Biscuits

1.     Wash strawberries and remove the stalks, then cut in half.
2.     Biscuits put in the folic bag, cover with a cotton cloth and crush hitting pestle to meat.
3.     Whip the cream 30% using a mixer, until the rise of the whipped cream, add the mascarpone cheese, mixed with 
powdered sugar, and for a moment, mix all the ingredients.
4.     The arrangement of the vessel in a glass starting from the biscuits, then the cream and finally the strawberry.
5.     Dessert store in the fridge. 

Karolina D.
Shortbread cookies


- 300 grams of flour

- 1 egg

-half a teaspoon of baking powder

- 150 grams of butter

- 70 grams of castor sugar

- 1 teaspoon of sugar with vanilla


How to prepare:

You must mix egg with sugar and baking powder. A flour hack with butter. Next you must knead everything together. Next put this into the fridge.Pin out the dough and cut out the shapes. Bake this in oven (170 degrees Celsius) for 10 minutes.


In our opinion, these cookies have too less sweet, so we would add more sugar. But they’re great addition to coffee or tea.

Bon appetit!

Kasia S.

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