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Banana milkshake

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Banana – strawberry milkshake

Merely several days ago we said „goodbye” to summer, so at the good beginning I decided to make a milk shake prepared from summery fruits. The recipe is really easy.

We need:
- 2 bananas
- strawberries – 200g
- cold milk – 400ml
- lemon juice – 1 tea-spoonful
- honey – 4 spoonfuls

And then we mix all together.
We can add some ice cubes, but I didn’t do it.

In the Internet it looked like that:


My version is very similar:



Worth trying to make it! But I’d like to change a little this recipe: I’d give more strawberries, but less honey. This drink is tasty, healthy and not fattening (so the girls which are slimming, can drink it without fears ?) The milk shake will remind us holidays!
Buon appetite!



Chicken soup

-portion of broth

-a few grains of pepper
-bay leaf
-pinch of salt

From portions of broth you must  boil decoction for 45 minutes. Then add vegetables and spices. To be clarified broth you must burn whole onion and throw the decoction. Boli everything for 15-20 minutes.
BROTH READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TASTY :)    









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