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I found on the Internet a recipe for Tiramisu. I read that it’s a delicious dessert and it looked that:




We need:

500g cheese „mascarpone”

4 yolks

50ml liqueur „Amaretto”

2 spoons of instant coffee

2 spoons of dark cocoa

4 spoons of sugar

30dag long biscuits

2 glasses of warm water

Glass rectangular utensil


Put coffee into the bowl, pour water and liqueur. Mix ingredients.

Separate whites of eggs and yolks. Put 3 spoons of sugar to yolks and mix. Pour cheese “mascarpone” and continue mixing.

Take one biscuit and dip in coffee for one moment. Lay dripped biscuits in utensil. Pour cream on biscuits and powder cocoa. Lay biscuits and pour cream again. Hide dessert into the fridge and wait for 5 hours. Powder cocoa before serving.

My tiramisu looked like that:




This dessert is very tasty and simple to make. I think it’s worth trying. Bon appetite!!!




Fudge cake
A few days ago I found on the Internet a recipe for a fudge cake known as “Krówka” in Poland. And it looks that:
How to make a Fudge Cake?


Sponge cake:
•    5 eggs
•    sugar – 180 g
•    flour – 5 spoonfuls
•    baking powder – 1 teaspoonful
•    toffee cream – 360g
•    butter – 250g
•    icing sugar – 1 spoonful
•    toffee sweets – 250g
•    margarine – 1 spoonful
•    almond flakes

Cream: Beat butter with icing sugar and mix with toffee cream.
Icing: Put toffee sweets and margarine to a pot and heat.
Cake: Beat the whites of eggs with sugar and add yolks. Then add flour and baking powder. Bake it 40-50 minutes in 180 OC. Prepared sponge cake cut into 2 pieces and spread cream and pour icing on the top. Add almond flakes.
It’s a nice and tasty cake and it’s easy to prepare, but it’s very sweet and caloric:
Enjoy your meal!

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