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I have found on the Net a recipe for pancakes with apples. It looked that:



- 3 eggs

- half a cup of milk

- 1 cup of flour

- 2 spoons of sugar

- 6 apples


Separate whites and yolks of eggs. Beat yolks with 1 spoon of sugar. Add milk and flour. Beat whites of eggs and put it to cake. Slice apples and add them to cream. Fry cakes until golden brown light.


This recipe is very simple and tasty. I think it’s worth trying. Bon appetite!

Kasia S.

Fruit dessert

I found on the Internet a recipe for Fruit dessert. I read that it's tasty and it looked that:

Fruit dessert with cheese mascarpone

We need:

600g different fruits (strawberries, cherries or oranges)

300g cheese „mascarpone”

2 eggs

100g sugar


Separate whites of eggs and yolks. Beat yolks with sugar and cheese. Beat whites of eggs until they are stiff foam. Mix foam and cheese mass. Slice the strawberries. Put fruits in glasses. Pour half cheese mass on them. Put fruits and pour cheese mass again. Decorate the dessert with lime or lemon peel. Put dessert into the fridge and wait for 1 hour.


I think it’s worth trying. This dessert is very tasty but I’d like to change a little this recipe: I’d give more fruit but less sugar. Buon appetite!



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