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Hi everyone! Today I want to write you something about my trip to Brasil. So, me with my choir set off from Szczecin and by train we drove to Warsaw. Next, by plane of course we flew to Frankfurt in Germany and, finally, to Rio de Janeiro! :D In this city we lived in a families from Catholic school ”Santa Marcelinas”.In first moment I wasn’t feeling good because air wasn’t clean. When me with my friends were in a taxi cab, I was covering my nose by a scarf.
Our family consist of: mum, dad, two brothers and sister.They were really nice and friendly, and they were really good in English.
We had some concerts at this school and pupils loved us. There was one day, which we spent with our families. We all went to the beach(amazing big waves!), next to the swimming pool, and, like a girls, we went shopping and our “mummy” bought us some presents. We ate supper and me and my friends made a delicious rainbow cake. It was really different for us, because in one block lived family of our family too. It was great, because in the evening they all came to this flat and we spent time together. I really liked this family, because we had a really good contact with kids. Of course, every day we had concerts. In this city we saw famous monument of Jesus Christus, “ Head of the sugar”, Copacabana and we went to a jungle – for me the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. At the time I was in Rio, there was one of the best rock festivals- “Rock in Rio”

Next we went to Petropolis, and we lived in families from catholic school too. And I was only with my one best friend- Julia. And, there became a huge problem- no one from family(dad, mum and daughter- 11 years) knew English. They were smiling all the time, and nothing more. Someday we saw turned on translator on their notebookJ. First day, we went to classes and we had English. The teacher told us to say something in polish and about Poland. Next, the pupils(they were 16 and 17) told us to sing something and they were really surprised. On last night there, we had a concert with choir from this school. It was funny, because in every place we were singing, people wanted us to sing Abba’s song “Mamma Mia”, because we had got choreography to this song. After the concert we gave them present from Poland. It was colder than Rio, because this city is located near mountains. We left to Third city- Cabo Frio.

I’ll write you about it next timeJ
I hope you will like it and you will wait for the next part from my trip J



Japan is also known as a country of cherry blossom.

The capitol of Japan is Tokio.
The currency is Yen.
This country consist of four biggest islands:Hokkaido, Honsiu, Sikoku, Kiusiu and over 7000 smaller islands.
Most of the area is covered by mountains.
Official language is Japanese, main religion is Buddhism.
There live 28 millions of people.
National sports are sumo and judo.
The Japanese are the longest-living people in the world.
The most popular celebration in Japan is SanjaMatsuri. Festival is celebrated in honor of the three great men: Hinokuma HAMANARI, HinokumaTakenari and HajinoNakatomo - the founders and funders of Senso-ji Temple, the oldest Shinto temple in Tokyo.
Japanese people are famous for really extraordinary inventions - since 30 years they are working on the washing machine made to wash people, which is set to revolutionize the cleaning process. :)
Two traditional costumes are Kimono (made of silk) and Yukata ( made of cotton).
Ritual of drinking tea is called “sado”.
Roads are very tight,
Japanese pizza has got mayonnaise, corn is also covered with seaweed.
People usefour different types of writing.
People like sleeping in Capsule Hotel-a capsule, which remind bed:most include a television, an electronic console, and wireless internet connection.


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