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El más densamente pobladopaís de habla españolaen el mundo-Bienvenidos a México!


Hello! We already visited many countries and their capitals on nearly every continent. Today, we will have a trip to Mexico-which lies in Central America (another name for LatinAmerica).

At the beginning I will translate to you what is the title of this article - El más densamente Pobladopaís de habla española en el mundo - Bienvenidos a México! - Most densely populated Spanish-speaking country in the world, Welcome to Mexico!

The official name of the country is the United States of Mexico. It is divided into 32 administrative regions. The capital of Mexico is Mexico (same name) where the population is estimated at around 21 million. This is the third in this respect on the ground.


Mexico was founded in the fourteenth century by the Aztecs (Tenochtitlán). In the short term, became the center of the Aztec Empire. ModernMexico is a center of political, cultural and economic life of the Federation of Mexico. Although it was once known as the "city of palaces" and the place of the most "clear air", rapid urbanization and industrial development have led to overcrowding and pollution. You can still find here examples of modern and colonial architecture and numerous parks and museums. The historic city center and lying near the floating gardens of Xochimilco have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. To this list were added in 2004 the house and studio of architect Luis Barragán, and in 2007 the university campus at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México("the National Autonomous University ofMexico").





Today I would like to present one of most developed country of the world – China.


- Religion, which Chinese people believe is Buddhism

- China has 56 ethnic groups

- Here live 1,3 billion of people

-China’s political system is socialism

- The capital of China is Beijing

- It is the third biggest area in the world. Most of its area are mountains and heights

- There is the highest mountain of the world- Mount Everest

- The longest rivers are: Huang He, Jangcy, Xi Jang

- Characteristic plants are: palms, bamboos, epiphytes, lianas

- The oldest university is university in Tianjin founded in 1895 year

- The most popular sports are: martial arts, table tennis, badminton, swimming, billiard. The activity, which is very popular is morning gymnastic. Every morning people go out and they started their training.

- Very enormous air contamination causes respiratory diseases.

- There are more than 70 000 kilometers of expressways

Monuments, which are worth to see there:

- Buddha’s statue- from 7 century B.C., it’s 17 meters long

- Forbidden city- it has 980 buildings, surrounded by the wall, which is 7,9 meters height. Beautiful ornamentation express special atmosphere of this place.

- Chinese wall- the biggest cemetery of the world, which is being built since 5 century B.C. It’s very long and when you climb on it, you’re very tired because the road leads uphill


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