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Why read books?

Almost all of us know that reading books brings many benefits for us

but nowadays more and more people prefer to watch films. Those people

ask me why I read books when I can just turn the TV on. So now I am

going to try to convince you that books are really fascinating.


Firstly, the most obvious reason – reading books gives you a lot of pleasure. Secondly, if you do that, you will have a wide range of vocabulary.

It can help you at school or job but also in your daily life.

Furthermore, reading books improves your memory. While you are

reading your imagination never sleeps. Also, plots in books make more

sense because the purpose of the book is to tell a beautiful, exciting story - not to be visually spectacular. The next thing I want to tell

you is that characters are never destroyed because of bad acting.

What is more, you can create everything the way you want to.

Books let you escape from real, sometimes difficult and unpleasant

world and help you relax. There are so many reasons besides those

but I think it is about right.

Patrycja Jakubowska

Throne of Glass


The main character is eighteen-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien. She has never been caught. She was the best assassin in all Adarlan. A year ago she made a big mistake. She got caught by royal guards and she was put into salt mine in Endovier. Usually people died after a couple of days being there. But she was there for one year and she was still alive. After all this time, prince Dorian came to the mine. He said to Celaena that she could be free. But first she must to be the ,,King Protector’’ for four years. After this time she wouldn’t back to the prision. But price didn’t tell her that she must fight to be the ,,King Protector’’.


Izabela Bornowska

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