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Bad Girls Don't Die


With little Casey something bad happens.

Children quirks which should grow only get worse.

Even though she’s 13 she still plays with dolls. She becomes so mysterious.

She doesn’t let anyone come to her room. One day her older sister Alexis

explored that Casey stole documents from school. Alexis didn’t tell it to mum

because she wanted to protect little sister. After few days Casey changed.

Her always happy brown eyes became shiny green. Although mum

didn’t see any difference, Alexis had to do everything to save her sis.

The book is kind of a horror. Obsession, mysterious doll…

Do not read it before sleeping.

Iza B.

Worth and not worth reading

“You know what is the worst in reading? That moment when you have to close it and return to reality.”

Hello I am Alexander and I will inform you about the books, for example, bestsellers, interesting books, and of such that are not worth attention.

1 Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. (NEW)
Is J. K. delight us after so many years? Will the book be best-seller? Is this book will refer to the last part? Do the characters are just the same and maybe others? J. K. Rowling should give this book a few years ago because the fans of Harry might not survive much time. The book will be bought out of curiosity, but also whether its contents? Description of the book is not interesting. From Review it shows that the book is not worth recommending for example.
"Another style because I did not write this JK. Only he accepts. "
"No no no no. This is not HP. A completely different style, so Rowling does not write. In the first half of the book are ok, but in the second I felt like I was on, unfortunately. I had really high expectations for this book, would not you? No most iconic characters from the entire series "

My Present rating is 2/10.


2 Five Kingdoms Volume 1,2,3. (WORTH READING)
Books Five Kingdoms were written by Brandon Mull. In each book is another kingdom through it do not read the same. The action takes place in another world where people use magic to revive and creating objects, a change in another person, etc.
The main protagonist of them Cole who came to this world by accident .Cole met Mira a girl who is missing princess. Looking for other sisters after five kingdoms. In each part I find another sister. Each sister has a different power. When you gather together forces could overthrow his father, the king.
I would wholeheartedly recommend these books but there is one downside. They come out every six months.

My score was 8/10

Life and death (Twilight) (NO WORTH ATTENTION)
I like twilight but it is a bit wrong. The book is the inverse of the first part of Twilight. Edward (boy) becomes a girl and Bella boy. The action is the same only with the exchange of sex. It issued this book just to forget about her. I like all the books written with the conversion of gender. But she wrote only one. So in the following sections you will be wrong names. Not Worth buying.


Do you agree with me?

Alexander K.



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