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Hi there your informant Alexander.
I would like to inform you about the interesting books. I hope that you liked the previous entry. So let's get started.



Nerve (NEW)

Vee is not a popular girl. To get it starts to play the game Nerve. At the beginning of this game seems innocent but then it becomes deadly. The girl has to do to survive the increasingly difficult task. Will she survive? See for yourself.

Magunus Chase The Hammer of Thor (NEW)

Magnus again with friends looking for the hammer of Thor. If it will not start Ragnarok and all the nine worlds die. The only person who can help them Loki is the worst of the Gods. Which demands a high payment. Does everyone die maybe not?

House of night (WORTH READING)

Zoe together with her friends to go to school for vampires before transformation. Unexpectedly, their teacher Neferet goes to the dark side. Together with your friends defeats her but she is reborn again as immortal. How to overcome it? They can save the house from destruction? Have a look.

Lightning Thief




by Rick Riordan



       This book is the first part of five-part collection about a boy who is a hero.

His name is Percy Jackson and he leads quite a normal life, but he doesn’t fit

in the environment around him and he always has been weird.Then a chain of

unusual events make he gets tothe Camp Half Blood. Percy meets there lots

of similar children and he discovers that he is a Poseidon’s son. Suddenly

it turns out that Zeus's master lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy

is the prime suspect. He and his friends, Annabeth and Grover, has got only

ten days to find the stolen thing and bring it back to the owner. Can they handle it?

       When you are starting to read this book you are a little bit confused

because probably most of you know almost nothing about Greek mythology,

but don’t worry - it is just the first feeling. While the next chapters come,

you are starting to understand all those pretty complicated things and

events are more and more engrossing.You are reading that book extremely

quickly and with a lot of pleasure and laugh.

       I really like this book and I recommend it to you, especially

if you enjoy fantasy and, of course, Greek mythology.

Pati J.

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