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Desert flower

Waris Dirie
Cathleen Miller
"Desert Flower"


This book was written by Waris Dirie . She is the ambassador of ONZ and she founded global foundation which fights against female circumcision. When Waris was eighteen she became a model.  She worked with Claudia Shiffer and  Naomi Campbell.
Desert Flower is Waris's biography. It tells about her life and adventures, not every time happy and nice. When she was five old healer circumcised her and when she was six somebody raped her. There are a lot of other interesting adventures which I will not betray.
Life in the desert was hard and it is still difficult. Families every day look for water and food. The youngest children must feed cattle and help their parents.
I think that this book is excellent. Waris shocks us with her experiences and adventures. I still can't believe that this is a real story. In my opinion sometimes this book is too drastic and chaotic. In this biography there are a lot of descriptions, situations which are provocative, so I  recommend this book for  mature youth.

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