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Who doesn’t love Stephen King? His detective stores are mysterious and diverge from reality. His latest book “Joyland” is a masterpiece. The action takes place in an amusement park. Young Devin Jones, a college student comes to the funfair. He wants to hire for a season jobs. When he arrives to the amusement park he comes face to face with a terrible crime and the doom of a dying child.

The book seams be a cruel kind of horror, but you won’t be disappointed.

Karina K.


Once lived amazing person – John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. In his head were happening amazing things. And finally, he wrote ‘Hobbit’ – story about journey into the unknown. Bilbo was normal, usual hobbit – small creature. One Day, to his borrow came uninvited guests – dwarves and Gandalf-magician. They went up the Hill dragon Smaug to recover the treasures of the dwarves. When they travel ed, met their various adventures for example they were attacked by goblins and wolves and big spiders. Story ends well, of course. But people wanted more books about hobbit and his friends. Tolkien wrote ‘Lord of The Rings’ – trilogy. ‘Hobbit’ is only introduction to fantastic story, but this later. Like for me, ‘Hobbit’ is book for everybody! Story about friendship, responsibility, courage and adventure! You must read it!

Ola K.

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