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Maze Runner

I read the book “The Maze Runner”. It’s a book by James Dashner and it was published in 2009. It has got a lot of fans. A month ago there was a film adaptation of this book. I think it’s one of the best books I have read.

The plot is about Thomas, who gets into the Glade - safe zone in the Maze. He didn’t have any memories - he remembered only his name. There’re Grievers in the Maze - the deadly monsters. Thomas joins the Runners - people, who run in the Maze to discover the exit. Then Teresa gets into the Glade, too. And then the disasters start…

Does Thomas and other guys get out from the Maze? Who will die? Who will survive? If you want to know that, you must read this book!

Mikołaj Jońca

The Book Thief

Lately I've read a book which I’d like to recommend to You. The title of the book is “The Book Thief” written by Marcus Zusak. It’s one of the bestselling books all over the world. It reached the top of New York Times bestsellers list and was translated into 30 languages. The main character is a little girl named Liesel, who lives in a small German town during the II World War. Like most of us, Liesel has got passion – a passion for books. Her first book she read was “Gravedigger's handbook”, which she stole. She decides to learn reading and since then her love for literatures begins. She gets friendly with a teenage boy Max, but she doesn’t expect that soon she will have to face a big danger and the courage in herself…

Karina Kijak

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