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Felix, Net, Nika

The book I have already read is „Felix, Net i Nika oraz Klątwa Domu McKillianów” by Rafał Kosik. It’s the thirteenth book of “Felix, Net i Nika” series and was published on 19.11.2014.

Teenagers from Poland fly to their friends from Great Britain, Angus and William. But on the airport no one is waiting for them! So friends decide to go to Angus. They get inside the castle, where Angus’s family live. But there live monsters too! Friends have strange “nosleeps”, in which they find odd letter to Vanora McKillian… And then dangerous events start to happen. Will they survive and take letter to Vanora? Will the hex be lifted? If you want to know that, you must read this book.

Mikołaj J.

Scar Night

Scar Night by Alan Campbell is a fantasy book about, well, everything and probably nothing. It's also good to mention, that this was the first book that Alan wrote. And I think that he did a good job.


Somewhere, at the center of a big desert, lays a town of Deepgate. Okay, it doesn't exactly "lays", it hangs. Hangs on many, many chains. Beneath it, is where a fallen god is residing. Basically, it's a town hanging up a big, big hole in earth. Of course, the residents worship this god, devoting him to chains and death. I don't want to spoil too much things, but blood plays a big part in this book. There are three main characters: ex-assassin of the Order, a psychopatic murderer and a young angel. That's a nice combination, don't you think?

World and some other things

i've told you some things about the town already. Trust me, there's way more details inside the book, than you can imagine. And it isn't like "In that city, there was this and this and this and those things". You need to use your imagination to actually understand what and where this action is happening. At the first 20-30 pages you may feel a little bit confused, but let it not discourage you!

In the begginning, I've wrote that this book is about everything and nothing. I've got that feel, when I finished reading it. It puts innocent people next to maniacs and fanatics, places them in big air-ships with a whole shipment of poison and makes them fight with a ten times bigger, almost indestructible tank filled with one insane person and a whole lot of crazy nomads. Also, there's an invincible fallen angel fighting with foot soldiers, plus some fireworks in the back, that were actually poisonous explosion clouds from sabotaged laboratories. I hope that it cleared your mind.

Final words

I have to say, that this book was the first one that really interested me. "What about him?" "Okay, that happened, but there was this thing, so..." and on, and on, and on. Every character has it's backstory, hidden somewhere in other pages. Everyone, even that drunk homeless man has his purpose. And the ending was just perfect. There are 2 continuations of this book and the second one is less great than the first one, but still enjoyable.

I recommend "Scar Night" for every action-dark-fantasy lover out there. I don't think that I can write about it any longer without further story-telling, so that's it. Amazing book.

Krzysztof Wilk

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