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The Candy Shop War

This time I'll describe "The Candy Shop War"- the first part of the a two-volume series with the same title by Brandon Mull-genius of youth-fantasy genre.

Nate, Summer, Trevor and Pigeon are friends. They are all 11 year old. They live in a small town and after school they help

Mrs. Belinda White -owner of a small candy shop, who has recently come to their town. One time she gives them a special candy.

It turns out that it's magic.

Then teenagers come to Mrs. White every day. Her candy allow to jump very high, electrocute, evoke fire, pass through the mirror,

freeze everything around, persuade something to somebody... But Belinda starts to want strange services for her candy.

At the same time Mr. Scott appears in the town. He has magic chewing gums - as long as you chew them you can understand animals,

run very fast, you get very high agility... The children have to choose between these two powerful ancient magicians.

But who is good? Who won this battle? You'll know that if you read this great novel.

Mikołaj J.

Throne of Fire

The book I’ll describe this time is ‘The throne of fire’ by Rick Riordan. It’s the second part of trilogy ‘The Cane Chronicles’. The book is full of humor, friendship, love and timeless battle between good and evil.

Sadie and Carter Cane are siblings. They fight with Egyptian gods, travel to the Duat-Egyptian underworld and maintain the balance of the Universe. Nothing special. Last year they stopped the god of evil-Set. Now, Apophis-the personification of Chaos is raising. They’ve got only 5 days to stop him. To do that they have to awake Ra-the god of Sun. But… Zyia, Carter’s girlfriend turns out to be uszebti, earthen figure. She was hidden by Iskandar, her guardian and The HighestReader of House of Life-Canes’ enemies, before his death. Present Highest Reader, Michel Desjardins is going to catch Canes together with Wlad Mienszykow-a traitor (of course Desjardins don’t know about that). Carter is going to liberate Zyia, Sadie wants to save her boyfriend, Walt-cursed by gods. How will they achieve their goals? Will the Universe survive in the same form? You’ll get to know the fate of Cane, if you read this book.

Mikolaj J.

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