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Into the wild

"Into the wild" is a first part of "Cat Warriors" series by Erin Hunter. The book describes the adventures of a young cat named Rust. One time, he decided to leave safe home life of a pet and face wildness. But, nothing is as simple as it seems. In the forest, Rust meets up some, living in the clan, wild cats and joins them.  He also receives a student name - fiery paw. Wood is divided between four clans: lightning, shade, wind and river. To survive all fight with each other, and you never know who they can count on. Rust must know all the rules of clan and fight in their defence. First, he must undergo training under the watchful eye of his trainer. When he passes, he will be  a warrior. But when his teacher is killed, the matter is much more complicated. Who is a traitor? Is a Tiger Claw hiding something? If you want to learn more, read this brilliant book. For sure you will not regret.

Karolina L.

False Prince

"The False Prince" is the first book from "The Ascendance Trilogy" by Jennifer A. Nielsen. It's a juvenile fantasy book which contains

many different threads-from adventure through struggle for power to love.

Sage is am poor orphan from Mrs. Turbeldy's orphanage. One day he is bought by Lord Conner. One of King's Regents purchased

four boys and want to use them in his coup d'etat-one of them is going to imitate lost prince Jaron. But when Latamer was killed,

they grasped how high are the stakes. Who will Conner choose? Strong and ambitious Roden, intelligent Tobias or reckless

but astute Sage? Full of humour, tension and absolutely sudden twists-you have to read it!

Mikołaj Jońca

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