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Hi it's me again, and I would like to acquaint you with featured books by me.

Fable Haven

The five series is about a magical reserve. Seth and his sister Kendra visit the reserve .Seth becomes whisperer shadows and his sister fairy kin.

Together they must rescue the other reserves before the Sphinx who tried to open the gates of demons. Do you save the world?

Do demons rule the earth? See for yourself I highly recommend this book because it encouraged me to read other books.


Flavia de luce
This book tells the story of a girl who is interested in chemistry and uses it as an aid in the field of detective. In the town happens to be a very bad thing.

A small child has been murdered, missing her neighbor, someone wounded gypsy. Is Flavia could see a criminal? Did she survive the encounter with the killer?

The Sin Eter's Daughter

Twylla is another one. She can’t live like other people. She lives in palace and she’s engaged with prince, but it doesn’t matter.

Twylla is executor. If she touched someone who wasn’t in royal family, he’d die. She’s got the poisoned touch.

Only Lief, her guardian, sees a real girl in her, which she is in fact. They become friends but they have to hide.

The queen won’t mercy on any traitor…



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