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Karaoke Party

When no one is in my house, only I and my computer and I’m so bored, there is one thing, that I always do.


On this web page you can sing yourself, with duet or take a challenge and fight with people from the whole world! There are many songs, but mainly in English language, of course. When you sing, on the screen you see a melodic line and whether you hit it. It’s very helpful to improve your singing. You get points. You can also record your voice or your cover, choose between vocals and instrumental version.


It’s a great idea for party with friends orboring evening.

So, that’s all.

I wish You a Merry X-mas and a happy New Year with karaoke, of course!

Ola K.

Eggs, teabags and bananas

Egg art is one of the earliest forms of art. There is something amazing about the shape of the egg, and the idea of making this into art. Many early civilizations regarded the egg as a fertility symbol and decorated it as part of their fertility rites. But modern man still values egg art, possibly because it has become ingrained in our nature, or because we are amazed that art can be made from something as fragile as an empty eggshell. Whatever the reason, there are many artists throughout the world that paint, decorate, and even carve shapes into eggshells.

The man from Belgium, since 5 years has collected teabags and now he has 12000 teabags. He also exchange teabags with people from France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, The United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Israël, etc.

Becky Marks from America is collecting labels that are being sticked to bananas. He has already more that 7 thousand pieces. By the way, the banana label collectors organize their own conferences.

Pola and Ania S.

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