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Never pass

What never passes?

  1. 1.T-shirt with overprints.

They’re colourful, quizzy, crazy and sometimes elegant &glamorous

  1. 2.Jeans.

They’re for school, work, meeting and shopping. They’re casual.

Put on a t-shirt, high heels and be trendy, or snickers, sweatshirt and be sporty! Let’s move!

  1. 3.Leather jacket

Rock&roll 4ever. Any time ...take some accessories and look gorgeous! It never goes out of fashion.

And other things such as: sunglasses, bags, snickers..can make you glamorous!

Asia, Nina, Iza

Eternal fashion

Few things which never pass!

In the world of fashion we’ve got some things, which we can wear everytime, and they are never old-fashioned. This article is devoted the never ending vogue.

1.Little black dress.

Since Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress, it has become the epitome of timeless fashion. It is the answer to every “What should I wear to…” question from cocktail parties to casinos to class reunions.

2.Why women wear high-heels

  • They change the angle of the foot with respect to the lower leg, which accentuates the appearance of calves.
  • They change the wearer's posture, requiring a more upright carriage and altering the gait in what is considered a seductive fashion.
  • They make the wearer appear taller.
  • They make the legs appear longer.
  • They make the foot appear smaller.
  • They make the toes appear shorter.
  • They make the arches of the feet higher and better defined.

3. Jacket

4. Red lipstick is a universal classic and has yet to go out of style.

Asia, Nina, Iza

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