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This is the coldest season of the year, but we love them so much. We associate winter with snow, Christmas and long evenings spent with our families and it’s exactly what we think.



It is winter and your nails should also have a winter look. In this season paint your nails with lacquers in darker shades. Bloody reds, deep purples it is must have a manicure for winter 2014.If you can’t paint your nails by yourself ask your best friend .She will help you with pleasure and you will spend a nice time together.





Bring to mind one of the long winter evening. The best decoration are candles, they create a magic atmosphere. You can do it by yourself and decorate it by natural things like dried fruits or pine cone.



Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean your clothes need to be boring and unfashionable. You can join warm jumpers with cool jeans(different shades of denim are on top now). Think about oversize clothes which are very fashionable in this season, but is not easy to wear it. You must be careful.

Julka K., Carmen



Summer has passed. So, say „Welcome to Autumn”. It’s lovely time. There are a lot of beautiful colours ex. red, brown, orange and gold. Not many people like Autumn, but we love it for many reasons.


If you want to keep your skin hydrate, use natural cosmetics made of autumn’s treasures like rowan, chestnuts, apples and cranberries.

In the long and dark evenings take care about yourself. Put leaves of grapes to bath with hot water, when it will infuse go in. Your skin will get rid off toxics. So, please some time to stay happy and beaming.

Home & Design

We can decorate our house with bunches of leaves, painted chestnuts and acorns in the glass. Candles and pumpkins are very good home accessories. It depends on you how your house will look like and what decoration you like the most.

There are a lot of opportunities to make an atmosphere and feel more homely. Don’t waste your time, let’s decorate the house!

Do you want to get the autumn look?

You don’t have to be inspired by designers because street fashion is very interesting and amazing too! Look at the people in the city and create your own style. Think about the colours of autumn and add it into your wardrobe. A brown or red simple jumper match with a leather jacket with gold zipper or other gold accessories which are very fashionable in this season. Try to be original and amazed other people with your autumn style!

Julka, Carmen

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