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Hello everybody! I've got good news for you. Have you ever wanted to have something from famous designer but you didn't want to spend fortune on it? Now it's possible.
The Jimmy Choo (see the picture) collection for H&M debuts in 200 stores worldwide on Saturday November 14th. This limited edition for ladies will include shoes, bags, accessories and for the first time - apparel. Further celebration of the collaboration will extend Jimmy Choo design vision for men's apparel, shoes, bags and accessories.

In New York from 10th to 17th September was held New York Fashion Week 2009-2010. A lot of famous designers participated in this display for example: Marc Jacobs, William Rest, Jason Wu and other designers. If you want to see this fashion show go to
Fashion designers are not only setting trends, also bloggers appoint fashion. Thousands of people are visiting their blogs. We have also Polish bloggers like for example: Szafa Sztywniary, Pani Mruk, Vintage Girl, Style Digger, Banana Blox, Harel and Alice Point.

Hope you like it!


Fashion is my passion

Hi! I'm Joanna. This is my first article about fashion. I'll write to you every month and I hope you will like reading it. If you are looking for inspiration how to dress fashionably, it's an article for you.
This autumn trends are really good. Marc Jacob's autumn/winter 2009 collection is incredible. It has strong colours - yellow, orange, pink and blue with sharp cuts. Expressive colours and wide shoulders are inspired by the New York fashion business in 80's.
Classics in Burberry new collection are also very trendy. Its autumn and winter collection contains for example checked scarfs, dark coats, keen-length skirts and leather gloves.
Trendy boots in this year are knee high boots and also over-the-knee boots. The best is when they are suede or they have got some extras - like clout nails.

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