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When it comes to the clothing types and range of accessories found in the emo style, girls generally wear short skirts with high boots, or tight jeans with flat buckles. Boys make their statement with loose cargo pants, or tight jeans, depending on the length of their t-shirts. Tight, flashy t-shirts advertising a favorite band are worn by both sexes. Their accessories include traditional, stylish

boots in the style of the nineteen-eighties.
Body piercing can also be observed in the emo style. In addition to this, hoodies and jackets are both must-have items. Black hoodies in particular are an integral part of emo style, and are worn throughout the year over a t-shirt.

Emo fashion, which can be correctly labeled as “distinctly fashionable,” caters to movements not influenced by the fashions prevalent in the outside world. Self-described emos, consider themselves different, and are therefore proud of their unique styles and fashions.
Commonly among teens, the term “emo” is associated with stereotypes such as, slim-fitting jeans sometimes in bright colors, tight t-shirts normally with short sleeves, often bearing the names of emo bands. Studded belts and black wristbands are also common accessories found in emo fashion. Some males also wear thick, black horn-rimmed glasses.

What is Emo?

The truth is that a definition of emo doesn’t exist; it means different things for different people. There are hundreds of definitions made up by people but not one of these can describe every single person, that is because the emo hair style and emo style in general changes, whether we’re talking about the emo fashion, emo hair, the emo girls and emo boys always alter their appearances.

Emo can be a term used to describe culture, including music, day-to-day activities, fashion and appearance. Many people are really confused about what emo actually is; especially those who have stereotypical views against the cultural movement. However, it is important to realize that emo today hasn’t got the same meaning as in the 80s; the term was ’stolen’ if you want. For example, in 80s, people who had today’s emo hair weren’t called emo.




Winter fashion
Hi! It's January and we're having cold and snowy winter like we have never had. The year 2010 promises to be exceptionally interesting. A small leopard,  leather, a simplicity and refinement will be trendy. We will be wearing clothes of noble materials, however designed modestly.

The army camouflage is now unusually chic. We are wearing it during the day and at night. It is giving the class and the self-confidence. While playing with this trend choose one of the hard element, a sharp pattern on soft materials or  take care for details such as: gloves, a belt or a hat.
Chanel and Vivienne Westwood fashion houses delighted everyone with gauzy, flowers dresses, checked shirts intended for spring-summer 2010 season. Show Chanel's dresses was held in Paris 6th October 2009.
And now some news to “shopaholic”. In the Galaxy shopping center a new shop – S.Oliver was opened - and in some time the cultic Zara will appear there. I'm so excited!     

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