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There is a time, when all the shopaholics have the same purpose: to find an occasion that no one else will. To make others jealous and admiring this booty. It's a long period after Christmas, when stores need to get rid of things which are from the old collections. It is a time when the hunting starts.

Everyone can find something for himself/herself, what will make him/her feeling out of this world. I would lie, if I said that it does not concern me. I really love the view of discounted shoes or the smell of t-shirts, that were hidden somewhere, where anyone could find it, waiting for me.

In Szczecin, there are some shopping-centers, but the most popular and most often visited is Galaxy, where are 200 shops with huge, red inscriptions: SALE. The best occasions you can find in stores like H&M, which are worldwide known, but there are also great prise opportunities in small shops with interesting things.

So don't wait use the last days of incredible occasions - go shopping and surprise your friends with new image!


Zara and others
Hello there! Famous 'Zara' is finally opened. Whole new spring collection is beautiful. New collection contains subtle dresses, tunics, shorts, shirts and tight fitting jeans. All in toned down colours like light blue and cream. I'm delighted that in this new collection there aren't any intense colours and flower motives. By the way H&M new collection is also very similar. I encourage you to see them both.

Now some bad news. Alexander McQueen died. He was an artist and a brilliant designer who changed the fashion world. He died on 11th February, just one day before his new fashion show. It was shocking information far fashion world, because McQueen's fashion projects were an art. His shows were full of dramaturgy, passion and beauty.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada promoted her new collection at Fashion Philosophy Week in Łódź on 07.05-11.05.2010 in Poland. If you want to see this beautiful projects and feel this wonderful atmosphere just click here
It's all for today, I recommend you to cheek Polish bloggers sites because they have a really good sense of fashion. And on this blogs you can see vintages clothes from shops like H&M, Zara etc.
Hope you will like it!

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