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The weirdest celebrities' costumes

Some of celebrieties are famous for their strange costumes. Here we have the most popular of them.


First of all - Lady Gaga and her dress made with meat.

For us this is too disgusting.


Next is Nicki Minaj. She is known for her, let's say 'amazing' designs and colorful hairstyles.



Last time, Rihanna presented herself with long, yellow dress. People compared it with scrambled eggs and one of the character from Sesame Street.



Joanna Patryn & Gabriela Augustyniak

Celebrities without make-up

Celebrities, who we see in the Internet or in TV have professional makeups and hairstyles. But they don’t always look perfect! Here we have some photos ,,before and after’’…


Katy Perry


Katy looks quite differently here…


Jennifer Lawrence


Here is the star of Hunger Games film. Do you think that she looks nice without makeup?


Lady Gaga


The last star we have is Lady Gaga. We always see her with full makeup, but here Lady Gaga showed her natural face!

Joanna Patryn, Gabriela Augustyniak

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