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Skiing is a great concept on your winter holidays and... summer too!

On the glaciers you can ski the whole year. It is possible because on the glacier snow never melts.

Every skier, even beginner, needs suitable skis, comfortable ski-boots and right length poles.

If you haven't got your own ski equipment you can rent it in every ski area. But if you ski regularly,

it is better to have own equipment. Important issues are the gloves and the ski goggles,

which protect eyes against snow and wind. For safety you should have a helmet.

It isn't necessary, but it is recommended.

Under the helmet you can wear the balaclava.

Very significant things are warm clothes: thermoactive underwear, long socks, breathable ski jacket and ski trousers.

Usually the ski areas are placed in the valleys.

Tourism and skiing give the residences of the mountain valleys job and money.

In these areas everybody could find the right accommodation:

5-star resorts, charming hotels, holiday apartments and guest houses.

How does an ordinary day on ski holiday look like?

The day starts very early, about 6 am. After the hearty breakfast

you take the ski equipment and go to the bus stop or drive by car.

From the bus stop the special bus which is called „ski-bus” takes skiers to the ski station.

On the station are lifts which take people up to the mountains (it opens about 8 am).

On the top of the lifts start routes, slopes and another lifts, which can lift you higher.

There are three types of slopes in Europe:

- Blue – Easy slope, not very steep (usually),

- Red – Intermediate slope, for more confident skiers and snowboarders,

- Black – Advanced slope, steepest slopes, for good skiers and snowboarders only.

The lifts are closed between 4 and 5 pm. Usually you come back home after 5 pm. very tired and hungry. After the dinner the only think you want is to lay in your bad.

It is very important to relax before the new ski day.

When you are good skier, skiing becomes very pleasant and gives you a lot of joy.

But it doesn't mean so if you are not good skier, it isn't funny.

This is cool sport and activity for all family!

Mikołaj M.

US Open 2015

13th of September gentlemen's singles final took place in New York City. Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer fought for a title of the best racquet in the world. After long, fascinating and pitched battle Serb won with Swiss Maestro 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4. Federer could take opportunity to reach 23 breakpoints but he used only 4. That decided about Djokovic's victory.  

This winning was the second in Djokovic's career in US Open and 21th with Federer in theirs 42 duels.

Serb received 3,3 million dollars for this triumph.


Mateusz H.

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