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One of the most elitist sport disciplines, played both in the individual rivalry (single), and also in team rivalry on the grounds of the same sex (doubles) or also both (the so-called mixed doubles).


This game is about hitting the ball on the second side of the mesh by the rocket. The whole competition is held on the tennis-court with dimensions 23,77 metre long and 8,23 metre wide - the single game, however the width of the tennis-court carries out 10,97 metre in the case of the team game. The tennis-court is divided into the mesh about the height 91,5 cm in the exact half of the field. The special lines of the so-called service diamonds are appointed from the internal side of the tennis-court.

The game begins the service, the service becomes for important, as soon as the server will throw the ball above the mesh and the black service, being after diagonal tennis-court will hit in the field then. The match rolls to superiority of two sets which in the turn will blemish themselves from games (the competitor who will win in four actions with minimum two balls of superiority wins).


Wojtek J.

Newest sports events

What happened in sports world in January:


1st January    SławomirPeszko, Polish football player is the new player of FC Koeln Football Club;
2nd January   MarcinGortat’s club lost their match with the worst team in league 89- 94;
3rd January    Justyna Kowalczyk won the ski race in Obertsdorf and she is still the leader of the Tour de Ski;
6th January   Thomas Morgenstern won Four Hills tournament;
13th January  beginning of the World Cup handball tournament;
14th January  Polish representation won match with Slovakia 35-32;
17th January  Polish handball representation crashed Chile’s team and won 38-23;
18th January  Polish handball players won with South Korea 25-20;
20th January  1st loose of our team, with Sweden 21-24;
21st January   Adam Małysz won the ski jumping competition in Zakopane!
25th January  Polish handball players lost the match with Croatia.

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