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The team sport, in which matches are played on grass court. In this sport 2 teams have eleven players. This game comes from England. In teams there are bowler, batsman, non-striker and fielders. The most import equipment in cricket is a ball made of cork and red or white leather. The ,,stick ‘’ is made of willow wood and it is long and flat. The striker must strike the ball to the wicket.

The legend of cricket is William ‘’WG‘’ Grace.

The Best striker in the cricket history is Donald Bradman.

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Golf is the sport which depends on hitting balls to the hole. Played at open, grassy terrains. There are four kinds of clubs: Woods, Irons, Wedges and Putter. Woods are the most powerful, Irons are weaker, but more precise, Wedges are to special hits for example: lob, hit from the sand (bunker) and Putter hits ball to the hole.


The most important golf tournaments:


Wojtek J.

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