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  • Australian Open (14.01 – 27.01.2013): winner Novak Djokovic
  • Roland Garros (26.05-8.06.2013): winner Rafael Nadal
  • Wimbledon (24.06-6.07.2013): winner Andy Murray
  • US Open (26.08-7.08.2013): winner Rafael Nadal
  • ATP Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo (14.04-21.04.2013): winner Novak Djokovic
  • ATP Masters 1000 in Indian Wells (07.03-17.03.2013): winner Rafael Nadal

I’m going to tell you shortly about Rafael Nadal.

Rafael NadalParera(born on 3rd June 1986 in Manacor) – Spanish tennisist, leading at ATP World Tour ranking, he is thought as the best player ever in tennis history.

Rafael Nadalplays tennis from third year old. He is trained by his uncle Toni Nadal from the beginning.At the age of 8 Rafael has won tennis tournament for 12 years olds. It convinced Tony to push his training harder (Rafael was also promising footballer). At that moment he started playing using left-handforehand, which gave him advantage when played with right-handed competitors. At the age of 12 he would win his age categorytournaments in Spain and abroad. He trained football at the same time. Finally his dad ordered him to make his decision, what sport to play, because playing both tennis and football was impossible to find time for school. Rafael Nadal has chosen tennis and immediately gave up football. In his carrier he achieved much successand still he wins many tournaments.

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Handball is the olympic team game. In the team there are 7 men or women. The target of this game is to throw the ball with the use of hands. The old versions of handball are urania, herpastum and fangballspiel. In every team there are 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper. When the player receives the ball he can pass, keep possession or shoot the ball. The first handball match was played in 19th century in Denmark. The ball must be made of leather or synthetic material. The size depends on age and gender. The ball must be round.


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