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After about half year break Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

came back to the game. In a superb style,

they defeated lots of world class rivals and started thinking of

the Australian Open Final in Melbourne.

On 29th January 2017 battle began. First set was victorious for

Rafa, but immediately Roger woke up and showed himself.

Match lasted now for three hours. Result in sets 2:2. Nadal looked

very tired. And that was a moment, which prejudged everything.

Thirty minutes later all Swiss fans were shouting. Roger Federer

won.He became also the second-best server of tournament.

Most people still saying about spectacle’s size. Unpleasantly

that wasprobably last encounter between these two players.

We can’t forget too Women’s Final when two sisters Venus

and SerenaWilliams gave us real skills’ show.

Despite of only about 60 minutes play we can saw Venus’

new blood. After this short game cup was given up

by Serena. They both cried, but with joy.

Younger sister also added that one day

she’ll win against Serena.

Adam Szczudlinski


ATP World Tour Finals London 2015     

It was the contest which ended men tennis season 2015. The contest took place in the O2 Arena in London in the middle of November. Only the best eight players qualified to the tournament.

In the final battle Roger Federer clashed with Novak Djokovic in fascinating fight. Unfortunately Djokovic' s racquet left court with the victory.

Serbian pocket enriched of $271. 000 ending his the best season in his career- 11 titles including three Grand Slams. Roger Federer earned $91. 000.    

Mateusz H.

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