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Iphone 6s

As you read earlier about new Iphone 6, you know that it is one of the most popular phones in the world.

But now, Steve Jobs with his business made bigger and more powerful phablet than it was.

The 6 version has got a display of 4,7 but the 6s go a 5,5 inches display! Its bigger than you hand!

This “little” phone got also an 8 megapixels camera that is incredible.

I think that is a “must have” for all people who love future technology.

Another very nice phone

Honor 7 Huawei


Another future phone that we will remember in our brains Is Honor 7-the newest phone of Huawei.

With 5,2 inches display, it takes a lot phones down on knees.

It also has the best version of android called “lollipop”.

It is one of the first phones with fingerprint reader on back.

With this specification this “phablet” goes to the top of the best android phones!

Eryk Vykysaly

iPhone 6

Apple – I'm sure you all know that it is Steven Jobs company propably most famous in the world. I guess that you heard about Iphone. Mainstream phone, with IOS system and the variety of applications. So Apple started cranking out the latest Iphone – iPhone 6.

So what is the diference between this „hot” phone and the rest of apple products? Well of course bigger screen, newest IOS system (after one update[8.0.1] you couldn ring from your phone...) „unbreakable” screen that is (I guess) the best part of this phone (it's seriously almost unbreakable) and better parameters. Is that worth 3000 zloty? I don't think so.

In the end the funniest thing: iPhone 6 is able to bend itself. I mean if you hide it to your pocket, it will have bend. That is the greatest blooper from Apple side since they relased iPhone 5 with only one innovation – bigger screen. And the last, last thing. One iPhone 6 catched fire in man's pocket. It totally burns itself and pocket + seriously burnt man's leg.

So to sum up, it is one of the worst iPhone since Apple has started to make phones. Of course parameters are great, but they aren't worth that money. And the bloopers... Hope guys you enjoy it.


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