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Arificial Intelligence Foundation has created some panrobots who can talk with you almost like a real person. If you want to check if the robot is similar to the real man, have a chat with him! It's a great fun, I promise

Go to:

and type your sentences in the blank space "you say". Are you able to make a sentence which will be too difficult for the robot to answer?

Computer games and freeware programs
Recommended computer game:

If you are a fan of RPG computer games you must play ‘Gothic series’ – it is a classic RPG game. The first game (‘Gothic’) in this series appeared in 2001 (German version).
In the game You are a prisoner in the place called ‘colony’ and you have to complete a lot of quests to get higher level and advance in hierarchy.

Pluses of the ‘Gothic 1’:

+ Interesting and long plot
+ Lot of quests
+ Advanced fight-system


- Bad graphics
- Lots of bugs


(screenshot made with 'Fraps')

Useful freeware programs:


If you want to make a screen from the game, or make a movie from it, you should have a good program to do that. I can recommend you a program called ‘Fraps’ - it is free (demo version) and legal.
You can get ‘Fraps’ from


‘Gimp’ is a free graphics program (something like Photoshop).
You can paint in it and edit your photos!
You can get ‘Gimp’ from,Program,Windows,13219.html
So, that is all, what I wanted to tell you. Next time – more programmes and games. Keep waiting!

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