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Nokia and 3D office


The world's first 3D-printed office stood in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It houses the headquarters of the Future Foundation , which works among

on solutions in the financial sector. The building has an elegant design and

a futuristic shape. Its built lasted 17 days and cost around 140 thousand dollars.

This is not a dummy building. The office building has rooms where works staff

employed by the foundation.


Nokia returns to phones and tablets

Finns decided to bring back to live once the most popular brand of mobile phones.

All those who missed Nokia appliances will again be able to have them.

Except that now they will be produced by a Chinese company Foxconn.

On the basis of an agreement between the newly founded Finnish company HMD

and Microsoft, Microsoft will sell Nokia phones business to the Foxconn.

While the company HMD will be responsible for sales. So the Chinese

will take care of producing the equipment, and the Finns

will see to it that people bought it.



Eryk Vykysaly


Phones and shoes

This New smartphone from LG is a new gadget. The biggest change is the lower

part of the phone. It can be REMOVED! You can easily take out the battery but also,

you can join a better camera, good speaker or even Google VR that can be

bought all in one. Its got two back cameras-8mpix and 16mpix with a wide

field of view(135 degrees). On the back, you can also find fingerprint scanner

which is starting to be popular in new phones. Inside G5, there is big 2800mph

battery an android 6.1 Marshmallow.


Now I am going to write only a little about shoes. Yes, shoes. But they’re very futuristic.

In film “Back to the Future” main character was wearing Nike shoes that can

tie themselves. Now it is possible.

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 have automatic laces,

which are perfectly fit to the foot. The system is activated when you make

pressure on the heel of the shoe . Shoes are powered with a battery

that can be charged.

Eryk V.

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