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When you surf the Internet, you have to remember there are people, who want to wheedle your personal data or passwords to your e-mail and bank accounts.  If you want to make your computer safe, you have to:

-    Keep your passwords only in your memory,
-    Install antivirus program on your computer,
-    avoid downloading programs from unmarked websites.

In the Internet there are also other dangers. You should not send your photos or address to unknown people from the chat, or Internet forum.
If you want to meet your pen friends in real life, do it only in public place and with agreeyent of your parents. Such people met in the Internet can be dangerous for You!

Computer viruses are most often on the websites with:
-    downloads,
-    pornography,
-    you can also get a computer virus with your e-mail.

International Space Station (ISS)

In 1998 international community began constructing first international space station.  On-orbit construction is scheduled by 2011.
This station is greater than previous space stations and you can see it from Earth with the naked eye! The ISS is believed to be the most expensive object ever constructed.
On this station live astronauts and scientists, who research space area. They go to it with American space proms and Russian rockets “Sojuz”.




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