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Last few weeks I was trying to find out some reasons of facebook's popularity. I think I did it, but not to the end. Of corse, communication, pictures and other things like that are very important part of facebook, but not only. The mainly reason why facebook is so loved is that a lot of people have to belong to a group. Facebook gives people a chance to belong to their group all the time, they never feel alone, because they can patricipate in the social life even when they are home. Even when they are ill. That is the phenomenon of facebook. But when people will get bored, a popularity of this servis will fall.
That is the end of my work with this topic - there is nothing more to say for a man, who is not a sociologist. See you in my new articles! See you soon!

Kuba G.



When I realised that most of teenagers use facebook mostly to communicate, I decided to make a short survey with just one question: "Why do you use facebook mostly?". Every of 20 respondents was able to choose just one answer. There are answers with results:
-Because I can communicate with friends - 14 respondents (70%)
-Because I can share photos - 0 respondents (0%)
-Because I belong to big internet community - 4 respondents (20%)
-Because all my friends do - 2 respondents (10)
As we can see, the main reason of facebook's popularity is simplicity of communicating with others. That is easier, because we don't have to know somebody's number or nick. We just have to know a person's name to start chatting with him. It becomes more popular, because sometimes we can share our opinion about something only on facebook. Moderators of web pages expect that we have an account on facebook.
For lots of facebooks members a lot of things are easier - communication, sharing opinion, browsing the net etc. and that is all for free. But you must remember that if you don't pay for something, you are not a customer. You are a commodity. There is a field where pages with thousands of fans are sold for a lot of money. That is a big and rewarding business consisting of trading personal data.

Kuba G.
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