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Roll Laptop

It's a new technology that changes everything:

The Rolltop concept will take advantage of advances in flexible OLED and touchscreen technologies to create a cylinder-shaped laptop computer that can be rolled out to form a notebook, a tablet, or display monitor.

Rather than carry around a notebook in a laptop bag, full to the brim with all manner of cables, the Rolltop concept proposes bringing everything together in a flat panel display that’s wrapped around a central cylinder.

The top of the column detaches and acts as a power plug while the carry strap doubles as a power cord.The central column also contains speakers, a camera, USB ports, and a LAN port.

After unlocking the catch, the user would roll out the Rolltop display like a mat and then either leave it flat for 17-inch tablet computing, or raise one end up for something resembling a notebook.

A pull-out support at the back also allows the flattened device to be used as a monitor-like display, and a stylus pen has been incorporated into the body of the panel.

Wii U

The Wii fans will be satisfied Smile

In competition to Sony’s PlayStation Vita, Nintendo is set to release the next version of its gaming console called Wii U, which is the direct successor to the Wii.

Nintendo showcased a prototype version of Wii U, which features a touch screen over 6 inches wide and contains a built-in microphone, speakers, gyroscope, accelerometer, rumble and camera.

The Nintendo Wii U will also feature internal flash based memory for media storage and game save data, however the system will also support external SD card and USB HDD support allowing users to expand storage capacity.

The Wii U comes with a kind of small tablet - a controller with all the usual buttons, but a touchscreen in the middle as well. The touchscreen can be used to control games, or you can actually play the game on that screen, leaving your TV alone.

By Natalia W.

End of Facebook

Last few weeks I was trying to find out some reasons of facebook's popularity. I think I did it, but not to the end. Of corse, communication, pictures and other things like that are very important part of facebook, but not only. The mainly reason why facebook is so loved is that a lot of people have to belong to a group. Facebook gives people a chance to belong to their group all the time, they never feel alone, because they can patricipate in the social life even when they are home. Even when they are ill. That is the phenomenon of facebook. But when people will get bored, a popularity of this servis will fall.
That is the end of my work with this topic - there is nothing more to say for a man, who is not a sociologist. See you in my new articles! See you soon!

Kuba G.

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